Honeycutt – Hunnicutt Family in North Carolina

January 12, 2011

Snow Days and Family Trees?

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It has been a snow/ice day in Alabama today.
How does that related to family trees?
Well, since I am indoors from the weather, and have the flu-bug to boot, it means when I have had the brief burst(s) of energy — I have added a bit more to several ancestral branches.
No huge breakthroughs, but have made several connection I did not expect.
Last couple I stopped at was William N. Collins and Permelia Mary “Melia” Smith — don’t ask how I ended up with this couple.
They were somehow connect to the various families that I was tracing, from the Yancey County (Bald Mountain region) of North Carolina.
No family tree is SIMPLE…anyone who tells you that, has not done much research.
Somehow, the folks I have added to my main family tree file most likely are related to my Aunt Betty Jean Davis (Abernathy).
Her ancestral line is where I began today’s research project…
Okay, I am not getting much more done on this blog or the research…guess I need to get something to drink and get back to doing ‘something’ while the dryer is get the clothes done.
Another update will be in the works as soon as I find something news-worthy.


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